BGMC 27 has ended, its time to vote

Blender Game Making Challenge 27 has drawn to a close! Congratulations to everyone who finished a game this week! Sometimes that in itself is its own reward.

Now it is time to determine a winner, which we will do by community vote.
Vote for the entry that you think deserves the gold medal, keeping in mind:

How well the theme was integrated
Gameplay and mechanics
Did they incorporate the Olympic Easter Egg?
Anything else that constitutes a good game

You only get 1 vote, and votes for yourself will be discounted.
The vote will run for a week, and the winner will be revealed.

Original thread by Shogun Lloyd

New Home

Today is a big day for the Blender Game Making Challenge, we have a new domain (this one). After a few attempts at reviving the old website, it became obvious that it would be much better to move to a better platform.  I hope you like the new home for the challenge and with your feedback we can make it perfect.

We also have a Discord Server where you can talk to other developers and share ideas, you can join here:

See you there!