The Blender Game Making Challenge (BGMC) is a game development event for users of Blender 3D and its Game Engine. Participants are presented with a challenge to develop a game in 7 days. This is a great opportunity for future Blender GE users to learn how to use the BGE from other developers.


Blender Game Making Challenge has started in August of 2011 when Josip Kladarić challenged Antun Barac to a weekend game jam. Originally called the Blender Weekend Game Making Challenge, BGMC has grown significantly is size and importance.


  • All challenges should start on Mondays ( that way the developers have the weekend to fix bugs, polish the game and upload it ) (This rule may change if the organizer find a better day)
  • The challenge starts when the theme is announced and lasts 7 days.
  • Make a WIP thread for your game in the Game Engine WIP Subforum. ( Keep the community involved in your development process, they will connect with your game and give you useful feedback )
  • Use the latest stable release of Blender 3D unless otherwise instructed before the challenge starts.
  • You can use any publicly available resources to speed up the development but you must declare what are you using and where can others get it. ( Don’t use resources you don’t have the legal rights to )
  • You are allowed to use any personal code library you might have but it should be declared and shared before the challenge starts.
  • When you finish your game, make sure to include all your external resources ( textures, sounds ) before submitting your game.
  • Each challenge will have a theme, and the theme is picked by the winner of the previous challenge.